My name is Andrew O’Halloran, I’m a secondary high-school teacher from NSW, Australia. I teach a range of Human Society and its Environment subjects (HSIE) such as Economics, Business Studies, Modern History, Geography, Commerce and Philosophy and Ethics.

Leading professional development for teachers is something that I have done from early in my teaching career, whether in-faculty, in-school or with external providers. To date, I’ve had over 150 people complete my online and face-to-face courses about Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education (now G-Suite) contributing to their NESA Accredited Professional Development Hours.

This webpage is intended to provide a more complete mentoring experience for those teachers who are keen to learn how to best use technology to improve their teaching practice and student learning outcomes.

The courses here on edtechtutorials guide you from planning, to delivery to evaluation of new processes in teaching. These new processes are about creating new lessons; new assessments, new ways to communicate and give feedback for your students. Essentially, they are about saving time in your teaching – about reducing the burden of bureaucracy so that you can refocus your attention on your primary objective: to teach! And what’s more, to enjoy doing so.